Lost or Found a Ferret?

What to do if you have lost or found a ferret.

Lost a Ferret?


  1. If you have lost a ferret you should look thoroughly in your entire house, garage and out outside of your house. Try using a squeeky toy to get your ferrets attention.

  1. Go around your neighborhood again still using a squeeky toy. Talk to your neighbors; ask them if they have seen your ferret. In this case it might be a good idea to have a picture with you. Ask your neighbors if you can look in their back yard. Again, still using a squeeky toy.

  1. Download the lost ferret flier and put it up in your neighborhood. If you don’t feel comfortable putting your phone number on the flier please contact us. In that case you can use one of the club’s numbers as a contact number. Even if you use your own number you should still contact the club so we can post info on our website about your lost ferret. If you find the ferret let us know so we can remove the info.

  1. Put up a post on craigslist. But be safe do not put your home address on the post, only put your area. For this go to www.craigslist.org to place your post and you should also keep watching this site to see if anyone posts that they found a ferret.

  1. You can also contact local animal control offices and humane society’s to see if they have either found your ferret or if it has been dropped off there. You may not be able to get your ferret back at this point but at least you will know he or she is ok.

  1. You should also place a bowl of your ferrets food and water outside. Keep an eye on it to see if any of it is missing. Hopefully if your ferret is still in the neighborhood it will find the food & water and stay close to your house.

  1. You can also put a lost pet add in the local newspaper. Just to be on the safe side you could put “lost small animal” so that the add doesn’t say ferret.

  1. Contact all of the ferret clubs within the state. You can find all of them on our links page this way if someone finds your ferret they may have or will contact one of these clubs. This way the club can have your information should the person contact them.

  1. Contact MARS which their info can also be found on our links page. The sooner you contact them the better.  She has had success fining ferrets in the past.

Found a Ferret?

  1. Contact all local ferret clubs in the area about this. If you can’t keep the ferret let the clubs know and pick up of the ferret will be arranged. And the clubs can post this info on their websites.


  1. Download a found ferret flier and post found them in the neighborhood. If you don’t feel comfortable using your number please let us know and you can use one of the clubs phone numbers.


  1. Post an add on craigslist and make sure to see if anyone has posted a lost add on craigslist.


  1. Put an found add in the local paper. But just to be safe put “found small animal” it is free to put up a found add.


  1. You could also go around the area and talk to people and find out if anyone has a mising ferret or if anyone knows about anyone else in the area that has a ferret.  Also pay attention and see if you notice anyone looking for a pet.

What to do to prevent losing your ferret.

  1. Make sure doors in the house are kept closed when the ferret is out.


  1. Make sure your ferret can’t get into the dish washer, washing machine, or dryer. Many ferrets have died from these innocent accidents.


  1. Find a toy that makes noise that really gets your ferrets attention. Try to trainurferret to really pay attention or come to you with this toy. This will help you if your ferret gets out.


  1. When you have guests visiting either keep the ferret up or make sure that your guests will be aware of the ferret at all times. You will need to quickly teach your guests about not leaving doors open.


  1. Ferret proof your house to make sure there are no holes that your ferret can escape to the outside through.


  1. When your ferret is out of its cage keep an eye on it.
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